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PAKISTAN is the TOP Travel Destination for 2020 | The good and the bad |

PAKISTAN is the TOP Travel Destination for 2020 | The good and the bad

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What do you think about the future of tourism in Pakistan? I can only tell my thoughts from a traveler perspective and many people might be against it, but I really liked the wild and raw Pakistan I experienced during my 1-month travel in the Northern Part of the country. And 100% this will change. It’s up to everyone if in a bad or good way.

I really hope that more people will visit Pakistan in the future. It’s one of my favorite countries because it surprised me the most of all the places I have ever been to. Tourism is suffering after 9/11 and many businesses couldn’t survive.

Let’s wish for many people to come and at the same time let’s wish for a sustainable and eco friendly tourism strategy so that the nature, the cultures and the wildlife of Pakistan can keep existing for many many more years.

Thanks to @marwatsanaullah and @adeelamer for the drone shots and showing me around Pakistan! Go check out their content.

I will make a movie called “Visa World”. It’s about borders and differences. It’s about a journey to the other side of the world and what it takes to fight global challenges.

It’s a one (wo)man production because I believe that it doesn’t need much to tell a great story. I’m doing all this to collect donations for the charity KAUGMAON on the Philippines. I know their work and it’s coming from their heart to give children a better life.

If you are interested in the movie you can register for it on my website (for a small donation which goes to the NGO).

The movie ➸ http://travelcomic.com/change

Where I get my copyright free music ➸ https://bit.ly/2pdPKun

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