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Olly, got M*LF? – Time to get outta here | Topdeck Travel |

Olly, got M*LF? – Time to get outta here | Topdeck Travel

Olly is trapped, both metaphorically and literally. On his left, his girlfriend Emma of four years who, now they’ve both moved into her Mum’s house, has slightly regressed. Rather than go out on a Friday night she’d much happier being at home, in her onesie, watching a TV show that her Mum and her adore. Hmmmm.​

On Olly’s right, Emma’s Mum; a woman who certainly has a soft spot for this nice looking 20 something guy. Does she have designs on him? Most likely not. But would she miss a moment to flirt with him? No chance​

So then, Olly, on his left, disappointment. On his right, threat. And here he is, trapped, watching a TV show he doesn’t like when he could be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD having a much better time. FML.​

Time to get outta here.


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