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Not traveling today VLOG #1466 |

Not traveling today VLOG #1466

Not traveling today VLOG #1466

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By Jermaine Ellis
If you like my videos subscribe to my YouTube channel.
About me.
Form the USA, Memphis Tennessee, ORANGE MOUND
I live in San Francisco
Traveled to 50 Countries
I want to travel to 100 Countries
Started backpacking around the world 10+ years ago
And quickly caught the travel bug.
I don’t have a car or a Apartment
My Top Favorite countries
#1 South Africa
#2 Israel
#3 England
Some Amazon Links
My Knee pads
My Shoes
My lights
My Helmet
My Boosted

Things I used to make videos with
MY Mac https://goo.gl/e0bA5n
MY PAD http://goo.gl/TQLF7b
Power Bank  https://goo.gl/QG2mLt
Hard Drive https://goo.gl/siUYQ7
Panasonic LUMIX Vlog Cam https://goo.gl/xylhaR
Big Camera http://goo.gl/19WrAf
Little Camera https://goo.gl/dyV5ps
That Mic http://goo.gl/hieh8y
Protective Lens for Gopro https://goo.gl/X6Vki5
Skate Shoe https://goo.gl/85tj4m
Flash memory Drive https://goo.gl/pLZe6o
SanDisk https://goo.gl/FmUzGi
Lululemon https://goo.gl/Nwm1rQ
Lululemon #2 (not the same) https://goo.gl/Vur2PL
Gucci https://goo.gl/FS32G7t
The North Face wet https://goo.gl/6QrsXV
The North Face Bag https://goo.gl/WySJ8q
Gorillapod For DSLR http://goo.gl/WlDppR
Wonderful Pistachios https://goo.gl/R1Awp9


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