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Narita Airport to Tokyo – Complete Japan Travel Guide |

Narita Airport to Tokyo – Complete Japan Travel Guide

Here are tips to get to and from Narita Airport. I’ve lived in Japan for almost 15 years now and this advice is based on all my experiences. Hope this video helps.

Check out more info at https://www.tokyozebra.com/


0:13-1:07 Overview of transportation options to Narita Airport

The options are…
-Express Train – Narita Express and Keisei Skyliner
-Local Bus
-Bus – LCC and limousine

Basically LCC buses are the cheapest way to go, and express trains and limousine are about the same price.

1:08-1:28 Overview of express train

-Narita Express is great for people staying in south west area including Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo.

-Keisei Skyliner is great for people staying in north east area including Ueno and Nippori.

1:29-2:52 How to ride the express train

-From the Airport:
When you arrive at Narita Airport, go to B1. You will find RED Narita Express ticket booth and machines on the right and BLUE Skyliner ticket booth and machines on the left.
-To the Airport:
N’EX – Go to your nearest JR station to buy ticket. You can buy tickets even though express train does not stop at your nearest station.
Skyliner – Go to Nippori or Ueno to buy tickets.

2:52-4:05 Tips on express train

Tip 1 – Arrive to the station 15-20 minutes early (on return)
There is always a long line at the ticket booth and the platform to get on the train might be quite far from the gate so make sure to arrive early.

Tip 2 – Use ticket machine when in hurry
Usually you don’t need to wait in line for ticket machines to buy a ticket and takes only about 5 minutes. Consider this as an option when you are in hurry.

Tip 3 – Sit at the front of the car
Luggage compartment is located at the front and the end of the each car of express train. People get stuck when getting the luggage upon arrivals. It is stressful to worry about if you can get out or not so it’s good to sit at the front. (the end is ok too.)

Note: About tickets
when you buy tickets by credit card, you will receive 3 tickets – an express train ticket, receipt, and credit card receipt. You need to show only the train ticket to the train attendant.

CORRECTION: X 4 ticket → ◉ 3 tickets
(I was with my gf so we had 4 tickets.)

4:05 – 5:22 Bus
– LCC (Tokyo Shuttle and Access Narita) can take you to/from Tokyo and Ginza Station.
– Limousine Bus runs to/from major hotels.

5:23 – 6:05 How to take the bus
-Limousine Bus and Tokyo Shuttle – At Narita Airport on the first floor, you can find ticket machines and man booth.
-Access Narita – All you need to do is go to the train stop and pay on the bus. No reservation needed.

Useful Links:

Tokyo Shuttle: http://honyaku.j-server.com/
The Access Narita: http://accessnarita.jp/en/home/
Limousine Bus: http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/

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