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Murree Ayubia Trip | Galiyaat One Day Family Picnic| Travel Pakistan |

Murree Ayubia Trip | Galiyaat One Day Family Picnic| Travel Pakistan

Standing at some 26 kilometers from the tourist hotbed of Murree Hill Station, over 100,000 tourists flock to Ayubia National Park and the places around every year. It is well known for its picnic spots.
This National Park also features the “Pipeline Walking Track” that runs from Ayubia to Nathiagali and is 4 kilometers in length.
Beautiful Sunset at Ayubia – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Pakistan
Since there are 7 villages and 4 major towns around it, and since this area attracts a very large number of tourists annually, there is a large number of hotels and restaurants around the park. In addition to riding trails, hiking places, picnic spots and motels, there is a chairlift in Ayubia that takes the tourists to a nearby summit called Mukeshpuri for a view of the forested hills. This chairlift was the first recreation facility of its kind in Pakistan and is still a major attraction for domestic tourists. The famous PTDC motel is located here.

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