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MOROCCO TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY — Positives from a fast-changing world… |

MOROCCO TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY — Positives from a fast-changing world…

Morocco with Brendan van Son. The world’s an odd place right now, but here are some positive vibes from Marrakech, Chefchaouen and Fes.
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Two years in the making; I joined Brendan van Son for his Morocco workshop. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short due to the current global situation, but I was still able to capture some positive vibes with my footage and photos.

The difference in the world from the day we arrived, to a week later (when we had to cut the trip short), was stark. A domino-effect of nations closing borders and escalating travel restrictions was unprecedented. At the time of arrival, Morocco had only 6 cases and looked likely to escape the worst of it. However, 4 days into the trip, most of Europe went on lockdown and Morocco closed all borders with no warning or information to the airlines. Collectively we decided it best to arrange our return home early and avoid further difficulties. Luckily, we managed to get on a flight from Rabat, back to London and have remained in isolation since.

The world may seem to be in pieces, but this our chance to come together as a community and through our own individual efforts, we can bounce back. I’m unsure of the content I’ll be putting out whilst the world is on lockdown, but rest assured I will be looking to maintain positive vibes and a chance to escape, with every upload.

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Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands and don’t touch a thing.

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