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Modern Travel Etiquette: How To Fly Without Getting Into a Fight |

Modern Travel Etiquette: How To Fly Without Getting Into a Fight

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0:00 How To Fly Without Getting Into a Fight
1:50 Keep calm by following a routine
3:20 Check out Carl Friedrik!
5:23 Be prepared
7:54 Go easy on the fragrance
8:33 Stay out of the way
8:43 Don’t take up extra space
9:55 Have your boarding pass ready
10:11 Memoriaze your seat number
11:02 Don’t zone out until everyone is seated
11:50 Middle seat gets both armrests
12:33 Respect the limited space
13:31 Avoid strong smelling food
14:09 Don’t overdo the alcohol
14:42 Disembark based on seat order


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