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MILO Party – Trying 10 Different Types Of Milo (ALL They Had) – Traveling Malaysia Ep. 109 |

MILO Party – Trying 10 Different Types Of Milo (ALL They Had) – Traveling Malaysia Ep. 109

Time for A Milo Party and trying 10 different types of the Milo Drink – A popular drink here in Malaysia

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Welcome to episode 109 of my trip all around Malaysia. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes you can watch them here:

I am always up to try Malaysian food and Malaysian drinks. The milo drink is one of the most popular drinks here in Malaysia. It’s a chocolate malt drink, originally from Australia, but very popular all-around Malaysia. The milo drink comes in many different types, e.g. Milo Dinosaur, Milo Ais or Milo Nestle (Nestlo). So, today I am startink a milo party, a milo drink review. I am going to try 10 different types of Milo, including the infamous Milo Dinosaur. Milo in Malaysia can usually be found especially in Mamak restaurants (Indian restaurants). If you are looking for some Milo drink ideas, then this video also might be interesting for you. Let’s see which Milo drink is my favorite here in Malaysia.
After the Corona Lockdown, it is now possible again to travel Malaysia. In the next weeks I will travel Malaysia (all around the country) and make daily vlogs about it. I will show you how to travel Malaysia, how to do backpacking Malaysia and show you what it’s like to solo travel around this country in southeast Asia. So, if you are interested in backpacking southeast Asia in general or specifically interested in backpacking Malaysia, then this series of my Malaysia travel vlogs might be interesting for you.

How is it to travel Malaysia 2020 after the Corona lockdown? Will there be tourist or will I be the only one? How to travel Malaysia on a budget during this time? We are going to find out all of this in the upcoming weeks, daily vlogs from now on, documenting my whole trip traveling Malaysia, so stay tuned, if you are interested in travel Malaysia by yourself or travel southeast Asia in general ?
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There will be almost daily uploads on this channel, so if you want to join my trip and start traveling southeast Asia together with me just subscribe now and start the journey together with me. Join the #teamabroad community here and be part of the travels around southeast Asia.

After traveling southeast Asia and backpacking southeast Asia for a year now I can truly say it’s my dream destination and it is unbelievable amazing. It’s quite easy to travel on a budget in southeast Asia, which makes it so popular for foreign visitor to come and travel around here. The cultural diversity in this part of the world, the food, the people and the beautiful landscapes, beaches and mountains make it my absolute dream right now to travel southeast Asia. I’d like to show you all of this in my videos, that’s why I am documenting all my journeys in form of travel vlogs from southeast Asia on my channel.
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