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Lost in Tokyo | Travel Video | Japan |

Lost in Tokyo | Travel Video | Japan

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This video was made by:
Lena Langendörfer | https://www.instagram.com/anna_la_lena/
Florian Reichelt | https://www.instagram.com/florianreichelt/

Getting lost in tokyo appeared to be very easy given the enourmous dimensions of this megacity but as time passed we learned that no matter how crazy those japanese signs look there is always a light to lead you into the right direction.

This video features famous places in Tokyo such as the busy intersection of Shibuya, famous Asakusa and the well known district of Shinjuku.
We visited SkyTree, Tokyo Tower and Mori Tower as well as the free Metropolitan Government Building.
Japan was by far the most polite and clean country we have ever been to and it is a beautiful place to travel.
We learned a lot while this journey and our footage now finally resulted in this cinematic travel video about Tokyo!

The Cameras & Equipment I use:
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Music and Sound in this video have been produced in collaboration with the immensely talented Finn Kleffmann.
Go follow him here:

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