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London As We Travel Europe |

London As We Travel Europe

https://www.aswetravel.com/london-uk-travel-video/ – London Travel Video

We felt like London was a small town which had exploded with people, the buildings were cute, everything was close and we really felt at home even though everyone around us was sprinting around, stressed out of their minds.

The fact that London had so much nature within the city, really gave you a chance to sit down and relax even with all that chaos around you.

We’ve come from Dublin, to Whales, and now we’re in London. It’s been a long day, it’s nearly dinnertime, so we found our hostel over here, the Clink in London. So we’re going to check in. Relax for a bit. And explore London tomorrow. We just bought a day pass, a London day pass, and we can’t use it yet. We have to wait until 9:30 apparently. So we’re down here, about to catch the subway into town.

We’re exploring London today, and of course, in traditional London-style, it’s raining. So, it’s probably the best way to capture it I suppose isn’t it? It’s always that way. It was really nice yesterday when we arrived, but today it’s raining, today it’s—I’m not sure where we are at this point. I think we’re lost. Well we’re not lost, the bus is going somewhere, but I don’t think it’s going where we’re going. We’re trying to get to Big Ben, to London Eye, and then we’re going to go and visit Buckingham Palace.

Well, we came here to watch the changing of the guard. I don’t know if what we saw was it, or if it carries on somewhere else? But people seem to be staying around, and I think quite a few people don’t really know what they’re here to see, or you know, what’s going on. So we saw the changing of the guard, and it wasn’t that impressive, but I think this park which is right nearby is really beautiful. We’ve got swans swimming around and lots of flowers. It would’ve been a really nice park to sit down for lunch, but it’s a bit cold. So I bought a hot chocolate, and I think we’re going to find some nice little cozy restaurant or pub or something like that to have lunch at. I think a lot of London is spent inside.

Ok we just got a call from a few travel bloggers who are here in London, and they said there’s a few—they’re offering free burritos around the corner so instead of having traditional fish and chips, we’re going to go taste some free burritos. Sounds good. Ok, obviously it looks like everybody tonight wants to get a free burrito. It’s been going on since about lunchtime, and it closes in ten minutes. There’s still a queue right around the road there. I’ve never seen this in my life before, I mean, it would be really cool to get a free burrito, but at four or five pounds, standing here for about an hour, I don’t really think that’s—I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I saw another burrito place around the corner. It was empty. Cheers. We got burritos anyway, so we sort of failed at our local dish in every country mission. So instead of doing that, we decided to go for a locally brewed lager, British lager. Cheers.

Ok, it’s about 5 o’clock in the morning, we just arrived at the train station here in London. We’ve got a whole day of travel here ahead of us. We’re heading to Amsterdam, so that should be a lot of fun. We’ve had a great time in London, but I’m really looking forward to Amsterdam, biking around the canals, and yeah, getting over the channel, and getting onto the mainland of Europe. But yeah, it’s time for some rest I think, because we’re both really tired, I mean we had four hours of sleep last night. We had some travel bloggers last night. That was really cool. It was fun to meet up and that kind of stuff. We’ll see you guys in Amsterdam.


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