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Live Travel Q&A – Travel in 2021 (What to Expect) |

Live Travel Q&A – Travel in 2021 (What to Expect)

I answer all your top travel questions for 2021 live in this two-hour live stream! Travel questions I answered include: (FULL LIST OF QUESTIONS BELOW)

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* When will international be okay to start again?
* Where in Europe would you want to live?
* Advice for living in Sweden as an American ex-pat?
* How to get permanent residency abroad?
* When are you traveling again?
* Where are you going to travel first when you can travel again?
*Do you think it’s right to stop people from traveling if they don’t have the vaccine or an immunity passport?
* Have you ever been to Brazil?
* When will Europe reopen for travel and tourism?
* What is your favorite city in the US?
* How do you balance social opportunities and pressures while traveling on a budget?
* Is San Francisco an overrated travel destination?
* Have you traveled anywhere lately?
* What is your advice on learning the local language abroad?
* Which countries would you like to visit in 2021?
* Which countries will require a vaccine to enter for tourism?
* What is your favorite travel destination?
* Do you think once everything goes back to normal that people will be afraid to gather in different countries?
* Which digital nomad visa is the best?
* Is Estonia or Georgia a better destination for digital nomads? Have you ever been to Israel?
* What do you miss the most about being a digital nomad?
* How is it to date while traveling full-time?
* When will Australia reopen for travel?
* Have you ever been to Poland?
* What tips would you give someone who wants to work online and eventually become a digital nomad that is a teenager?
* What do you think about India as a digital nomad destination? Is Sweden a good place to live in question?
* In which country do you feel your best?
* What do you think will happen to hotels after the pandemic?
* Is it better to go to college or become a digital nomad?
* Is Paris overrated as a travel destination?
* Have you ever been to Cape Town?
* What are your favorite YouTube channels?
* What made you decide to become a digital nomad?
* How old was the oldest digital nomad you’ve ever met?
* Will hotel and resort fees ever go away?
* When will countries open 100% for travel again?
* Do you have a checklist for becoming a digital nomad?
* Did Matt D’Avella respond to your last video? https://www.youtube.com/user/blackboxfilmcompany
* Do you have any updates on travel to Bali?
* Which digital nomad YouTube channels and blogs do you recommend?
* Have you ever met YouTubers like Lost Le Blanc? https://www.youtube.com/lostleblanc
* Do you ever watch The Nomad Capitalist on YouTube? https://www.youtube.com/nomadcapitalist
* Have you been traveling at all since the pandemic started?
* What are your thoughts on investing in a property abroad to get EU residency?
* Do you know of any therapists who are digital nomads?
* Is 52 too old to become a digital nomad?
* What are the pros and cons of living in Prague as an expat?
* What’s the best airport you’ve ever been to? What’s the worst airport you’ve ever been to?
* What is the best online bank for digital nomads? (TransferWise: http://bit.ly/transferwisebank)
* What do you think about the shared economy and crypto currencies and the impact they will have on the lives of digital nomads?
* Is there a lot to do in Japan?
* Are you single? How has dating life been for you living as a digital nomad?
* Have you ever been on Virgin Atlantic airlines?
* Do you have your online business in a country where you don’t have to pay taxes?
* Where would you most want to live in Europe?
* Which countries will require a vaccine upon entry?
What is the visa and passport process to visit a foreign country?
* How far in advance should you plan an international trip?
* Have you been to Israel?
* Have you been to Florence or Rome?
* What are your thoughts on Uruguay?
* What tips do you have for solo travelers?
* Can you make a video about loneliness while being abroad?
* Can you do a video on the visa process in foreign countries?
* What should you pack for your first trip abroad?

And even more travel questions answered in the video!

Thank you everyone for coming to my first Live Travel Q & A Live Stream of 2021 – see you in the next video!

Kristin Wilson
Traveling with Kristin
* What do you miss about being a digital nomad?
* When will we be able to travel to Australia again?
* What is the expat community like in Medellín, Colombia?


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