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Lima Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia |

Lima Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Lima gives access to the mystical city of Machu Picchu in the Andes, Lake Titicaca in the highlands, the lush Amazon jungle and Peru’s coastal desert. But, before you go to see all of this, it’s worth exploring the capital first.

Just like Peru’s landscapes, Lima is a city of contrasts: rich and poor, ancient and modern, practical and elegant, fascinating and entertaining. In Lima’s Historic Center is the Plaza de Armas, also known as the Plaza Mayor. This is where the Spanish explorer founded Lima and the Lima Cathedral, contains the tomb of Francisco Pizarro. Next door, the Government Palace is still the official seat of government today.

Outside of the city center are many more visitor attractions. The Bajada de los Baños in bohemian Barranco is home to the Bridge of Sighs. In Miraflores is Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Columbian temple of some 1,500 years old. The pleasant mansion of the Museo Larco in Pueblo Libre contains amazing pre-Columbian artifacts.

Lima’s parks is where the rich and poor find common ground. Parque de las Leyendas is a zoo and Parque de Exposición has fountains to play in and an awe-inspiring light show.


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