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Let's Replay Discworld #13: Time Travel Shenanigans |

Let’s Replay Discworld #13: Time Travel Shenanigans

If you haven’t already figured it out, the main gimmick of act 2 is the usage of L-Space to switch between the present day and the previous night. This allows not only for some very interesting puzzles that require doing things that make the present day what it is but it also allowed the developers to utilise previous visited areas to save on production time and cost… or so you’d think. For interior locations that’d certainly be true but the external locations would still need a lot of work done to them to make them night scenes. Add on top of that the new animations for characters and you’ve got a lot of effort that not all may realise is there at first glance.

Now that we know where the secretive organisation of secretiveness is based – a fact we can use in the present day to visit there too, should we ever get a need – we require two things to gain admittance: a disguise convincing enough to blend in with the other members and the secret password required to get in. The latter is rather simple to get provided you’ve been picking up everything that’s not nailed down on your journey so far and take a little time to do some preparations but the latter will require a little more work. The payoff is worth it though, not just because it’ll get us the information we need but for the joke that’ll only land with those who know some of the finer details on the many theories concerning time travel.

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