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Justin Bieber Travels The World In Intimate "Company" Video |

Justin Bieber Travels The World In Intimate "Company" Video

Beauty Trippin Parasailing►► https://youtu.be/paCCOaJHggs
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The new video opens with a straight-up gorgeous montage of shots featuring Justin working at a photo shoot, on stage on tour and then overlooking what I can only guess must be Greece or some other ridiculously beautiful international location. And pretty much this is a snapshot of his life these days – work, work, and then a ton of play and travel. We see him with a ton friends – including Scooter Braun and Floyd Mayweather – we see him skateboarding and even hitting the snow slopes, which is my favorite part of the video because it’s just so well-shot.
SO GORGEOUS – major shout-out to his DP (director or photography – aka the person responsible for this footage) – whoever you are, you are a freaking genius. The whole video wraps up with Justin on stage at his Purpose tour as lights surround him.
And just like that, he’s out. But this is a really special video for the fans because it definitely gives us all a look behind the scenes at what his life is like right now – he’s grown up a ton in the last few years and this is the Justin of today. I’ve already watched the vid 3 times and I haven’t even had my coffee yet. What about you guys – what was your favorite part? Hit us up in the comments section and then click here to see Lily and I get almost as adventurous as Bieber (emphasis on almost) with our friend Evelina when we go parasailing on Beauty Trippin’! It was ridiculously fun! Thanks so much for hanging out guys – I’m Joslyn Davis – have an awesome day…

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