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journaling diaries: travel memories w/ @DORI |

journaling diaries: travel memories w/ @DORI

Dear friends ✨

I guess all of us had to cancel their plans for traveling and anything similar to that right ? And since we’re living in an uncertain time making plans for future trips….isn’t really the best so we can at least think about the memories we have of our past trips and travels right ?
It’s been a long time since my last journal video so I’m really happy to share this as it is a veeeery special one because it is a collaboration with the loveliest @DORI ? we both decided to make a journal spread on the topic ‘travel memories’ to simply reminisce about our old trips and have some time to appreciate the little memories that are almost fading away ✨ please make sure to check out her part of this collaboration too !! I’m sure that her video is as calming and beautiful as always ?

I’d also be happy if you’d let me know if you had any trips planned out for this year that sadly got cancelled or to which countries/places you’d like to go once everything is safe again !!

I personally wasn’t able to travel a lot so far and most of the trips I had were class trips so…I really do hope that a day will come in which we all can go and discover new places and countries !!

Always stay safe and healthy.
Hope you enjoy this video and as always thank you so so much for watching ❤️

Lots of love,

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