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Is This a Travel? Let me know in the comments. | NBA Travels |

Is This a Travel? Let me know in the comments. | NBA Travels

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Hey guys,

EDIT: I reveal the answers to this in a new video at the link below, but first leave your comment here and then go over there to see if you were right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU009TpKPyA

Today’s video is a little different than the normal. I am going to show you two basketball moves that it seems like no one really knows if they are travels or not.

So let’s discuss it in the comments below. I don’t reveal the answer in the video because I think it’s going to be fun to find the truth in the comments below. So let’s debate!

I’ll see you guys in the comments.

Check out last weeks Q&A video here:

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Ok that’s about it, thanks for watching and have a great day.


Augie Johnston

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You should now go over and watch this video…I actually picked it out special for you…Hint: floater 😉



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