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Is The Cruise Buffet Dead? | Harr Travel Has The Answer! |

Is The Cruise Buffet Dead? | Harr Travel Has The Answer!

Greetings and welcome to another Harr Travel youtube video! Today we are talking about cruise buffets, and if they are possibly going away when we start cruising again.

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We don’t know for sure, but many have hinted at the major changes coming to cruise buffets. Since everything happening on land is likely to happen at sea, it is fair to say that the cruise buffet won’t be the same (at least for now).

Here at Harr Travel we have received questions about cruise buffets ever since Royal’s announcement about the Windjammer. Most people assumed that this meant the end of buffets all together, but we think a modification is more likely. This will no doubt carry over to their land products. Private island buffets will likely turn into seated restaurants and mobile app ordering will lead to deliveries. The experience at Royal’s Coco Beach Club may be a good indication of how they will handle food for the rest of the island.

No matter what they do regarding cruise buffets, you can count on Danny and Taylor to attack it head on and provide you with more “Danny Dines” episodes as soon as we get to cruise again.


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