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Is NACHI COCOM Cozumel Beach Club our NEW FAVORITE?? Celebrity Apex Cruise |

Is NACHI COCOM Cozumel Beach Club our NEW FAVORITE?? Celebrity Apex Cruise

Nachi Cocom Beach Club is the next all-inclusive resort on our list to visit in Cozumel to see which is the best! We have already reviewed Mr. Sanchos and Paradise Beach Club… which of the three will be our favorite???

Let me start by saying that this is the clearest water we have ever experienced in Cozumel! Perfectly clear on this day! Is it the weather? Or is it always this pretty? Nachi Cocom is the smallest of the resorts, which means it is the most intimate. We loved this for a couple spending time together in paradise! And the food… it was AMAZING! Nachi also gets points for having the only hot tub… and it is a swim up bar hot tub… yeah, we spent a lot of time in there!

All in all, this was a fabulous day and I would love to come back to this beach club!!

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