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International Travel Tips (With Hacks) |

International Travel Tips (With Hacks)

These international travel tips are for you passengers who get to fly to another country. I will also share some travel hacks to make your international trip easier.
The number one tip is that international flights board 45 minutes before departure. 2 travel tips: 1. Arrive at the airport early and can check in your bags and 2. Stand in TSA line for 30-45 mins.
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Travel Tip Videos:

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00:00 Tips and hacks for international travel
00:13 Number one tip
1:35 More travel tips
6:26 International summer trip
7:59 Hide money
11:00 Crossbody bag
11:30 Packing tips international
15:30 Bloopers

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Instagram: @TravelTipsByLaurie (My former channel name was LauriePOP Ideas That POP, but now I produce travel tip videos only)

Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions that POP into my head are my honest ones.


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