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INDIA'S LONGEST BUS ROUTE | Bangalore to Jaipur | Mahadev Travels' TATA BS6 13.5 Mts Bus | 2300 Kms😮 |

INDIA'S LONGEST BUS ROUTE | Bangalore to Jaipur | Mahadev Travels' TATA BS6 13.5 Mts Bus | 2300 Kms😮

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Watch India’s longest bus journey, from Bangalore to Jaipur by Mahadev Travels’ TATA BS6 13.5 meters, AC Seater/sleeper bus. As of now, this is the only bus operating on Bangalore to Jaipur route. There may be a few buses that have joined this route recently. However, when I checked this was the only bus on this route. So to give you some information about this route. This bus goes to Jaipur via Jodhpur & Jaitaran, hence this bus route is the longest. Previously, Bangalore to Jodhpur was one of the longest bus route. I had traveled on that route by Jakhar Volvo BS6 Sleeper bus. You can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/NoonOk4b0CM I later did Jodhpur to Mumbai bus journey by MR Travels BS6 Volvo bus. You can watch that bus journey here: https://youtu.be/uabJUE7AwRk

Bus Info:
Bus Type: TATA BS6 13.mts AC Seater/Sleeper bus
Fare: 2000 (seater), 3500 (Sleeper)
Distance: 2300 Kms
Journey time: 43 hours
Route: Bangalore – Pune – Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Jaitaran – Jodhpur
Bus Crew: Vipin Bhai (Driver 1), Kaluram Bhai (Driver 2). Prakash Bhai (Cleaner)

Vipin bhai is very active on Instagram with 30k+ followers. He would have live videos when not driving to share with his followers. In fact most of the bus crew is active on Instagram and go live usually. Jalkar Volvo bus had also joined us for lunch break near Manor, Gujarat. However, eventually, it overtook us later.
This bus journey is of approximately 43 hours. The total Kms is 2300 kms. The bus route is Bangalore – Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Jaipur.
In total there are 3 bus crew members only. Two drivers & one cleaner. Rajasthan drivers are known to be driving on long routes. They can do 12 hours of driving in one sitting. The bus is the latest TATA BS6 13.5 mts bus. This bus is AC seater/sleeper bus. In total 40 capacity, 32 Sleeper berths & 8 seater. This bus starts from Anand Rao Circle, Bangalore at 7 pm and is scheduled to reach Sindhi Camp, Jaipur by 2:15 pm after two days. The bus crew was very supportive and most Rajasthan crew have always been so. I had more than 10 cups of tea with the crew while in the cabin😬 I also accompanied them for breakfast, lunch & dinner throughout the journey. They showed great hospitality during my journey.
The sleeping berths have private capsules like most GJ & RJ buses have. This gives privacy for this long trip. So we reached 200 Feet rd. Jaipur at 3 pm, one hour behind the scheduled time. The journey itself was very good. Even though the bus is speed locked at 80. It was maintaining that speed throughout the journey. So in total, there were 2 breakfast breaks, 2 dinner breaks, one lunch break & 4 – 5 loo breaks.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Journey Info
2:40 My Bus @ ARC
3:02 Bus Interiors
4:24 Bus Exteriors
5:24 Journey begins
6:03 Cabin Ride (Vipin Bhai driving)
6:55 Garlands for bus
7:32 Dinner Halt (Day 1)
10:54 Fuel halt
12:14 Bus Overtakes
15:31 Morning break
16:42 NH 48 mornings
19:30 Bus Horn
20:13 Pune
20:37 Breakfast halt (day 2)
22:28 Pune Expressway
25:00 Lonavala Ghat
22:45 Vipin bhai chking the GoPro
29:12 Entering Mumbai
30:03 Vashi
31:07 Borivali (GJ buses)
32:59 Kalu Ram bhai driving
33:27 GJ & RJ buses overtake
37:37 Lunch brk (Day 2)
40:09 Chase with horn 📯
44:02 RTO checkpost
45:32 More chases
50:05 Dinner halt (Day 2)
51:30 More Overtakes
56:07 Ahmedabad
56:28 Tea/Loo brk
57:12 Morning views (Day 3)
58:13 Sojat
59:21 School Children drop
59:39 Bilara (Head office)
1:01:26 Jaitaran
1:01:59 Bar
1:02:27 Snack time
1:02:47 Rajasthan Mountains
1:03:42 Ajmer
1:04:10 Jaipur
1:04:56 Next Video

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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7ZsBPK656s


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