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Ilha Grande Bay Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K) |

Ilha Grande Bay Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)


Brazil’s Costa Verde is an incredible ribbon of coastline between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Here the emerald jungles of the Serra do Mar plunge into the Atlantic in spectacular fashion, but nowhere more so, than at Ilha Grande Bay.

Just a two-hour bus ride from the non-stop-energy of Rio, Ilha Grande Bay offers rhythms that are in total tune with nature. Once here, you’ll find yourself caring less about finding the perfect Wi-Fi signal, and more about connections of a deeper kind.

One hundred miles to the southwest of Rio is the historic port town of Angra dos Reis. Once slave ships unloaded human cargoes bound for the vast coffee plantations of the interior. Today the port is a popular escape for Rio’s harried locals.

Once you’ve explored the town, there are endless beaches to enjoy, while offshore, over 350 islands are calling. Climb aboard a ferryboat or set sail on a schooner to the bay’s undisputed jewel, Ilha Grande. For much of last century, this incredible island was home to Brazil’s Alcatraz. What was once purgatory for the country’s most notorious felons is now heaven for nature lovers.

For those seeking the best kinds of treasures, Ilha Grande’s riches know no bounds.


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