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How to Explore Open World Game Book of Travels | New Multiplayer Game Release 2021 |

How to Explore Open World Game Book of Travels | New Multiplayer Game Release 2021

Andreas Wangler, game designer at Might and Delight, tells us how to explore open world game Book of Travels and what means of transportation there is in it.
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In Book of Travels, online RPG game coming to Steam in early access on August 30, you will be doing a lot of walking, even though it isn’t a walking simulator. But there are more ways than one to traverse the world of Braided Shore, both for the solitary vagabond and groups of travellers.

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00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Walk away from the beaten track
00:35 – Travel by Train
01:18 – Venture out on a boat
01:40 – Pair up on a draisine
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To travel around in the game, you can
go by foot, train, boat and draisine.
We also have some surprising ways
to travel around in the future.

Walking is the best,
because to take it all in and find all
the regions and the containers in the
world, you simply need to take it easy.
The game will open up.

We don’t want people to just run
around with a single goal in mind.
The train in Braided Shore
takes you between the bigger towns.
When you find station, just
relax there for a while and the train will come.

And when you’re finally
on the train, you can let go of the keyboard
and the mouse and just enjoy the view.
It really doesn’t take long to wait
for a train, just relax and it will come.

At every train station,
we thought it was fitting to have
something called a train master’s chest,
where everyone can stash their items.

The boat lines altogether are more spread
out than the train lines, the boat lines cross the main lake
– the Verve – with Batsaha, the main island in the centre.

Some boats that you can unlock through
an Endeavour will take you to far
out places, even hidden places…

A draisine is a vehicle for two players
that they cooperatively can
run along train tracks.

It’s a fun way to travel
short distances in the game.

We have a bunch of surprising
ways to travel in the game.
A favourite of mine is shape shifting
into a deer and travel fast along
the green grasslands of Braided Shore.

It’s amazing.

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Video by David Skotte Videography


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