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How Cooperative Gameplay works in Book of Travels | New Online RPG 2021 on Steam |

How Cooperative Gameplay works in Book of Travels | New Online RPG 2021 on Steam

Lead Programmer Jens, explains how cooperative gameplay works in the new Online Rpg Book of Travels. Be there at the start as Book of Travels enters its Early Access journey.
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This is the first video of a series of eight where we’ll give you an insight into what’s behind our brand new online RPG game, or as we like to call it, TMORPG, (Tiny Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) – releasing on 2021.

Cooperative gameplay will form some of the most important moments in your story, or take tasks alone if that’s your style! Either way, we hope you will love this serene online RPG adventure as much as we do!

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0:00 – How Cooperative Gameplay works in Book of Travels
0:19 – Doing tasks together
0:58 – Use your talents: Physical, mystical, social and mechanical endeavours
1:15 – Physical Endeavours
1:27 – Mystical Endeavours
2:11 – Social Endeavours
2:34 – Mechanical Endeavours
3:00 – Wishlist in Steam
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The endeavour is the heart of our online co-op gameplay. It’s a different little challenges that you often need other people to help you with. We have been thinking a lot about the tone of endeavours that it can’t sort of be urgent or stressful things because that would break the tone of the game, but instead, it’s things that you can’t leave alone if you want, and then you’ll just be rewarded for engaging with them.

And you’ll also have some time to find a group if you can’t solve it yourself. So there will be no urgency to it.

As we’ve been thinking with the multiplayer dynamics, additional players in the group that are not helping with it will also gain the benefits to sort of create a good online experience.

The different kinds of endeavours are physical, mystical, social and mechanical. So these also go over with something that we added recently that’s called talents, which is that you can be differently skilled in these.

So the physical endeavors are just purely physical strength-based things, so it can be to clear rubble pull an item out of a well and things like that.

The mystical endeavors are about the connection to the magical part of the world, so some examples of this could be praying at the shrine or singing at the grave.

And with the mystical endeavors, we have a bit more to choose from when it comes to how we reward the player.

So, for example, if you pray at the shrine, you can get a randomized effect card.

And depending on how the Sefra guarding that shrine is feeling, that could be a very good effect card or more malicious effect card.

These types of endeavors also gives us a nice way to give the players some lore about the world. So getting a piece of text when you have sold something to give you more understanding about the world is a nice way to reward the player with mystical endeavors.

The social endeavors are more about influencing the behaviors of NPC’s. So an example of that could be that you have this grumpy recluse scholar that you want to learn a skill from, but they don’t really want to teach you that.

So there is some coursing to be done. And that, I think, is a pretty quintessential social endeavor.

So an example of a mechanical endeavour could be to pry open the lockbox, to get some machine parts and those you could trade as they’re pretty valuable.

Another example could be one of my favorites, which is the vehicles. You can find this old steamboat far out and then you can cooperate to get it to work again.

And they use that to travel to a new place.

– – –

Credits: David Skotte Videography

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