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Hierapolis Pamukkale (Turkey) Vacation Travel Video Guide |

Hierapolis Pamukkale (Turkey) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Hierapolis Pamukkale in Turkey.
In the highlands of western Turkey is the ancient city of Hierapolis above the famous terraces of Pamukkale, a unique wonder of nature that was well appreciated by those who lived there in ancient times. In summer the water glimmers turquoise and in winter clouds of steam rise from the pools to produce the effect of a frozen waterfall. The reason for the origin of this bizarre landscape is the steaming hot water, rich in calcium, that flows from the higher lying geothermal mountain springs. Visitors walk barefoot in order to protect the deposits of calcium carbonate in the water. Today it is permitted to bathe in the famous spring of the ancients in which one can enjoy the ‘holy water’ that extends between the toppled columns of a bygone age. The ancient fossilised waterfalls and terraced pools have transformed Pamukkale into a fantastic scene. Together with the ruined monuments of both Hellenic and Roman times, Hierapolis can be regarded as THE health resort of the ancients, notwithstanding those who came there during the past three thousand years.

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