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halo benders – love travels faster [8/11] |

halo benders – love travels faster [8/11]

Dry little dutch town drove you away
Chemistry set keeps your mind at play
Bottle in the waste the bin
(You look a lot like someone I used to know)
Searchin for the voice that makes a boy a man
Alley entrance alley view
Never let on what he meant
Or what you meant to learn
But love travels faster
(Nothing’s faster than that or)
Love travels faster
(There’s no reason so theres no…)
Love travels faster
(Reason to get out)
Rural girl unpolished pearl
Wild unruly used to pushin small town limits
Early career decision….. prepare
They can watch the forest, girl
For all you care
Muscle car to superstar
Slashed tires unpaid fines unreported crimes
Now there’ll be no more abuses to endure
But plenty meted out
Love travels faster
Love travels faster
(faster than airplanes
faster than cats
faster than robots
faster than that
faster than matter
faster than thoughts
faster than atoms
faster than…)
Love tralvels faster
Goosebumps rising when you take a gander
There’s admiration hidden in the disrespect they hand her
She somehow escaped the cure for being so self assured
You know someone knit that hat
So there must be something back there
A safety net safely stowed
And never to be used
Love travels faster


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