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Guidelines Traveling to Thailand For Foreigners October 2020 | GoNoGuide |

Guidelines Traveling to Thailand For Foreigners October 2020 | GoNoGuide

===Non-Thai citizens who wish to enter Thailand===

– Guests of the Government
– Members of diplomatic missions or international organizations or representatives of foreign governmental agencies
– Spouse, father, mother, children of a Thai citizen
– Holder of Certificate of Residence issued by the Royal Thai Police Immigration Bureau
– Holder of a valid Work Permit, including spouse and children
– Pupils or students in government or certain private Thai educational institutions.
– Patients (not COVID-19 patients) who need certain types of medical treatments in Thailand.
– Holders of Long Stay Visa Type O-A or O-X

===Preparation for entering Thailand===

– Documents to confirm that applicants are one of the categories such as Certificate of Marriage, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Residence, Work Permit, Letter from Educational Institute or Hospital
– Passport
– Health Insurance policy covering all expenditures of medical treatments, including COVID-19 worth at least 100,000 USD
– Declaration Form

===Two days before the departure date, applicants must submit===
– Medical Certificate with a laboratory result, indicating that COVID-19 is not detected
– Fit to Fly Health Certificate, in order to receive COE. Must valid not more than 72 hrs. before the departure.

Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo, Norway

Health Insurance (Covid-19)

Easy to choose ASQ

List of Alternative State Quarantine Hotels


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