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#GoLater: Virtual Travel to French Polynesia with Nicole Isaacs | Jetsetter.com |

#GoLater: Virtual Travel to French Polynesia with Nicole Isaacs | Jetsetter.com

Can you imagine anything dreamier than island-hopping around French Polynesia? Between its turquoise lagoons and overwater bungalows, it’s paradise on Earth. Here’s how JS tastemaker Nicole Isaacs spent her time in Bora Bora, Mo’orea, and Tahiti. Don’t forget to subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChyVpVexQjzTzJ8jVR7LdWQ?sub_confirmation=1

Bora Bora

Check in to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora! Everything you could ever want in a Tahitian hideaway, you’ll find at this Four Seasons: thatched-roof bungalow villas with stone walls and mother-of-pearl details, locations on the beach or the lagoon itself, direct access to that legendary turquoise South Pacific water, and stunning views of Mount Otemanu. Of the overwater bungalows here, 15 come with private saltwater plunge pools; beachfront villas are more spacious and better suited for families and groups. Don’t miss a spin in the resort catamaran, and save your appetite for French-Polynesian cuisine (Moorea shrimp with radish and snow peas; seared yellowfin tuna with roasted pineapple) at Arii Moana, one of the hotel’s four restaurants.

Swim with stingrays and sharks

Of course, it’s not enough to simply relax above the waves—you need to experience the warm South Pacific waters for yourself. Rent a canoe for a private, low-key spin around the lagoon, where you might spot stingrays and fish swirling beneath and around your paddle. If you want to get even more up close and personal, book a snorkel safari or catamaran cruise. Boats sail past the Otemanu and Pahia peaks before entering more open water, where you get to don your gear and jump in next to rays, and reef sharks (the friendly kind, of course).

To learn more, make sure you check out: https://www.jetsetter.com/magazine/french-polynesia-island-hopping/


Bora Bora
0:52 Traveling to Bora Bora
1:07 Exploring Four Seasons
1:58 Tour of Overwater Bungalow
2:30 Wandering the Beaches of Bora Bora & Canoeing
3:27 Traditional Fire Dance
3:50 Lagoon Tour & Swimming With Stingrays and Sharks
4:35 Lunch with Executive Chef From The Four Seasons
5:53 Helicopter Tour

6:54 Island Hopping to Mo’orea
7:49 Overwater Bungalow
8:20 Boatride in Mo’orea

9:00 Shopping at a Local Market

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