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Gokarna after Lockdown | Budget travel guide | Places to visit! |

Gokarna after Lockdown | Budget travel guide | Places to visit!

A complete guide to Gokarna after lockdown and camping in Gokarna, Paradise beach. In the previous video we have explored water activities and camping in Dandeli. We enjoyed activities like rafting in Kali river, kayaking, Zipline and camping in Mountain Paradise resort. In this video we have travelled from Dandeli to Gokarna in a car and budget stayed in Om Shanthi Paradise, we have also explained the process of E-Pass and places to visit in Gokarna in budget.

In this video we have given a complete travel guide to Gokarna and its beaches, unlike others we have explored all the beaches in boat rides and a swim with life jackets in the deep sea. We visited beaches like Paradise Beach, Heaven’s Beach, Nirvana Beach, Half moon beach, Om Beach, Cudle Beach, Hells Beach, God’s own beach and Belekan Beach. We camped at Paradise beach with our own tents and cooked maggi and enjoyed it with sea breeze.

In this trip our cameraman was attacked by jellyfish unexpectedly and was injured hence we request our viewers to be careful if you are planning to visit because Jellyfish stings can be extremely painful, he was immediately given first aid but the marks are still visible even after a month. We budget stayed in a home stay for a week and the owner of the place was so friendly, this place will be suitable for budget travellers. He also arranged us boat rides to all the beaches, for our surprise the boatmen took us to a cave in Heaven’s Beach which was very thrilling. We were lucky enough to spot dolphins in Gokarna. We also trekked in gokarna which is from Paradise beach to Belekan beach where inbetween you can also visit the Gokarna lighthouse

Home Stay (Om Shanthi Paradise) : https://g.page/om-shanti-paradise-beach-hotel?share
Darshan : 8861517414

Boatmen contact number :
Sathish : 9019387660/7849008281

In the upcoming videos of Gokarna series we will be exploring the only cruise of Gokarna, Yana caves and Mirjan fort. We believe this video will give you a clear idea on the following points 1) Chennai to Gokarna Travel guide 2) Bike/Car ride to Gokarna from Chennai 3) Places to visit in Gokarna 4) Tent camping in Gokarna with our own tents 5) Tent camping and cooking in Gokarna beaches 6) Boat ride in Gokarna 7) Deep sea swim in Gokarna 8) Budget home stay in Gokarna 9) Cruise experience in Gokarna 10) Trekking in Gokarna

Previous video on Dandeli after lockdown:
DANDELI 2020 – Adventure activities | Drone Shots | Complete guide from Chennai!
Link: https://youtu.be/5dFh6RSa0x4

Places shown and explored in this video/upcoming videos:
1. Paradise Beach
2. Half moon Beach
3. Om’s Beach
4. Cudle Beach
5. Heaven’s Beach
6. Belekan Beach
7. Nirvana Beach
8. God’s own Beach
9. Heaven’s beach cave
10. Deep sea swim
11. Gokarna boat ride
12. Budget home stay
13. Gokarna Cruise travel
14. Yana caves
15. Mirjan fort
16. Gokarna Lighthouse
17. Gokarna Trekking and Camping

The animated travel map used in this video was created with PictraMap at https://www.pictramap.com.

VOICE : NIDISH (sivanidish)
CAST & EDIT : PRASANNA (Himalayan_devil)


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