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Full Time RV Travels: Port Mansfield Texas- Full Time RVing |

Full Time RV Travels: Port Mansfield Texas- Full Time RVing

Full Time RV Travels: Port Mansfield Texas- Full Time RVing
In today’s RV Life Vlog we head to a Port Mansfield and show you our full time RV living as we are Texas RV camping. We are RVing in Texas as we RV living Full Time while living in a motorhome. We enjoy being full time RVers and found a gem of a Texas RV parks and La Sal Del Rey- La Sal Del Rey lake Edinburg TX. We head to a Mexico Dentist and South Padre Island and show you things to do in South Padre Island.

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RV Life is not always Sunshine! RV Traveling Full Time- RV Travel Days: https://youtu.be/mZ8Xv_4fBkA

Mexico Travel Safety Tips | Nuevo Progreso- How to stay safe in Mexico | RV Full Time Life: https://youtu.be/dUEcwtxjgA0

We are new to RVing and are happy to take you along for the ride with us, as we feel like we are living in the book…RVing for dummies…sometimes… there is nothing better than feeling the freedom RVing brings us. We are a RV couple no kids, with a spoiled dog that loves RV travel and feels RV Love every time we head to a new location and show you how to travel in a RV while living the RV lifestyle. Remember life is about collecting moments not things and you can always make your own sunshine!

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⏱ TIMESTAMPS____________
00:00​ – Intro
00:48 – Travel to Port Mansfield
02:08 – La Sal Del Ray
03:45 – Palo Alto
07:10 – South Padre Island
09:03 – Mexico
10:25 – Bloopers & Closing

Disclaimer: 1) We are not experts in the RV or travel industries. Everything on this channel is for entertainment value and not to be considered legal or professional advice. Information in the video was located on web pages for the places we visited, the internet of things and personal experiences.


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