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Dune Lore: Time Travel & What Lies Beyond The Atreides Empire |

Dune Lore: Time Travel & What Lies Beyond The Atreides Empire

In the time of the Padishah emperors, the Landsraad reigned supreme and governed the flow of the empire. The Landsraad was made up of the greatest noble houses from throughout the human universe. When Paul Atreides became emperor the influence of the Landsraad shrank. By the time of the God-Emperor, the Landsraad was no more. Though the Landsraad would never again dominate the empire, after the death of The God-Emperor some great houses did emerge again, and many fled into the scattering. Many other organizations also sent representatives into the scattering, traveling in all directions, into the distant reaches of space. There, humankind was free to grow and develop exponentially, strange things formed within the scattering during the 1500 years between The book Good Emperor of Dune and the Book Heretics of Dune.

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