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DIY Skincare Travel Containers – Edward Avila |

DIY Skincare Travel Containers – Edward Avila

Don’t want to carry all your skincare with you cos it’s a lot of shit?! I’ve got just the thing for you ;D

You can also find me here:
Instagram: @edweird0
Twitter: http://twitter.com/edweird0
Tumblr: http://ed-weirdo.tumblr.com

Eeeey I’m Eddy and welcome to my ~Twisted Mind~ just kidding. I live in South Korea (right now heh) and I like to make beauty, fashion, hair, skincare, and daily life videos so I hope you uh come join me on this ride *rides off into the sun*.

I started out out on youtube many a year ago creating short “comedy” videos but I quickly came to realize how much I enjoyed creating educational/how to/tutorial type videos. The feedback and the direct communication I was able to have with my viewers really pushed me to take YouTube more seriously and now I just enjoy bringing out something new every to show you guys.

Email: edwardgavila@yahoo.com


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