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Digital Nomad Jobs – Get PAID to Travel! |

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get PAID to Travel!

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get PAID TO TRAVEL! – http://sassyzengirl.com/Digital-Nomad-Jobs

Ready to quit your job and start travelling….? – This video will show you the first steps to find Travel Jobs and other ways to get paid to travel. Additional videos in this series cover more specific forms of Location Independent business models like:

Kindle Publishing:

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Digital Nomad Jobs allow you to get paid while you travel and are a great way to start a location independent lifestyle. Travel jobs are listed in a number of different places like CoolJobs.com, ResortJobs.com etc.

“Getting Paid to Travel” happens usually in 2 different ways. You either find Digital Nomad jobs or you start an online business that will keep you afloat for years to come while you can move around freely and live in different countries anytime you wish.

This video covers Travel jobs and a first introduction into location independent Business models.

How about working on a cruise ship or yacht? – it is a great way to see the world with a good salary and minimal expenses since room and board are paid. There are a multitude of different Digital Nomad job types available that allow you to get paid to travel from general hospitality and management all the way to tour guide and entertainer.

Since applying for cruise ship jobs is a very competitive process, learning the most efficient way to apply – the how and where – will save you years of frustration.

An excellent course – “How to Work on a Cruise Ship” – can be found here: http://sassyzengirl.com/Work-on-Cruise-Ship
created by someone who has successfully done it for years and is considered the top priority in this field.

Another popular form of Location Independent jobs are National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Unless you have special skills or a degree in animal care, agriculture, forestry, marine biology etc., the best way to get in is to volunteer.

Simply google the country you want to visit and “National Parks Volunteer programs” or “Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Program” and start submitting applications. If it works out well, chances are good that you might be offered a more permanent (paid) position or that the park/sanctuary managers might recommend you to another job opportunity in the field.

Another large area of jobs for Digital Nomads is teaching – both abroad and online. Online teaching gives you greater freedom and flexibility while teaching abroad usually offers better pay and immersion into the local culture.

English is the most popular form of international teaching or online teaching, but any language can work and so can a lot of other skills. Simply visit pages like Instaedu or skillshare, udemy to see what’s out there already and in particular, what is selling well, e.g. what people actually want to learn (=much easier to make money at….;-)

Finally, working in resorts, hotels, hostels for a while can be a fun and lucrative way to get paid to travel and land Digital Nomad Jobs while meeting people from all around the world.

The website resortjobs.com gives a wide range of listings and you can also google the country of your choice + resort jobs etc.

The complete list of resources mentioned in this video can be found here:

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