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Cruise Travel – What You Should Know Before You Take a Cruise |

Cruise Travel – What You Should Know Before You Take a Cruise

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Looking to do a European River Cruise? Maybe see some islands on a Caribbean Cruise? Want to Explore the World on an Around the World Cruise? Well here are some things that all cruise passengers should know before they take a cruise.
Filmed in Trogir, Croatia (and somewhere on the sea on the Croatian coast).
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
1. Be Back on the Boat on Time. Many bigger cruise ships will not wait for late passengers and it will be the passengers job to catch up to the boat at the next port of call, which can be expensive.
2. Do Your Research. Not every cruise is the same even if they visit the same ports. Make sure you do your research on what amenities the ship has, what kind of entertainment, the cabins, the typical passengers, etc.
3. Cabins Will Be Small. So pack light and you may want to bring some air freshener to take care of some of those tight confine smells.
4. Seasickness Happens. On river cruises seasickness is not a big issue, however on bigger ships it may be. Ginger, Dramamine, seabands and a patch can help.
5. You will eat a lot on the cruise ship and you will eat well. Most cruise ships know that people love to eat and they make it their job to feed you as much as possible. Try to watch what you eat and maybe take a walk or two around the deck after dinner.
6. Pack Your Carryon Bag with Everything You Will Need for the First Day. On larger cruise ships you may not get your luggage for a few hours, so make sure you have everything you need in your carryon bag, whether it is swimsuits for the pool or medicine it is important to pack those in your carryon bag.
7. Don’t Forget to Tip the Help. They do not get paid much and they work their butts off, so please do tip them. Your cruise line may already have it in your bill or they may leave an envelope for you to tip.
8. Don’t Bring Anything That Could Start a Fire. There are some things that are usually banned from ships and they mostly are related to heating agents that could start a fire. Also, some ships ban alcohol from outside the ship as well, also weapons and drugs are no nos.
9. There Are Always Extra Costs. Whether signing up for excursions or a drinks package or whatever, there are usually extra costs on cruises, so the price you are quoted on may not be the end of your bill.
10. Ask for Help if You Need Anything. Cruise ships really do go out of their way to make your trip enjoyable, so if you have any issues or requests please let the crew know. They will most likely be glad to help.

I filmed this while on a CroiseMer Cruise through Croatia & Montenegro. All the pictures and videos were taken while on my cruise (except for my power/travel strip, I got that picture at home).

The Cruise This Was Filmed on Was a Croisi Croatia & Montenegro Coastal Cruise http://www.croisieuroperivercruises.com/cruises/adriactic-sea-cruise-croatia-and-montenegro

Other cruises by Croisi http://www.croisieuroperivercruises.com/

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