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Covid Road Trip | Chattanooga to Atlanta | In Search Of America: Travels With Hyper |

Covid Road Trip | Chattanooga to Atlanta | In Search Of America: Travels With Hyper

It’s Day 13 of our cross country road trip #TravelswithHyper! In this episode Zac talks about traveling with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as we head from Nashville to Chattanooga Tennessee. We didn’t plan it this way, but our day was filled with delicious vegan food highlighted by the awesome vegan soul food startup Not Your Mamas Greens. Then we got an awesome tour packed with history and information about Chattanooga by local author JD Harper. We loved our time with Amanda and Rasean so much that we invited them out later that night for some ice cream and more conversation about Chattanooga from their perspective.
On Day 14 we headed in our RV down to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Blue Whale Studios an incredible special effects makeup house and who got us dressed up in some Gears of War armor and then taught us how to apply the most realistic prosthetics. Then we met up with Dustin and Devan an pair of GMs from D4 at Meeple Madness to check out this local beloved gaming store and learn how to make tabletop terrain.

Not Your Mama’s Greens
JD Harper
Blue Whale Studios
Meeple Madness

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