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CORONAVIRUS & TRAVELING ✈️ Should You Cancel Your Trip? |

CORONAVIRUS & TRAVELING ✈️ Should You Cancel Your Trip?

Worried about the coronavirus? Should you cancel your upcoming trip? I share my thoughts and aspects you might want to consider as travel restrictions and quarantines are involved. Let’s do our best to protect ourselves and others while we are still learning about COVID-19. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

COVID-19 Infographics: http://bit.ly/3aQw7Lt
COVID-19 Map of Global Cases: http://bit.ly/38M59Dm
PM Lee Hsien Loong on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore: http://bit.ly/39Pu7mB
Italy’s Health Care System & Coronavirus – A Warning to the World: https://nyti.ms/2IJpbUj
Worst-Case Estimates for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths: https://nyti.ms/2Wc6ccQ
U.S. Passengers Evacuate Quarantined Cruise Ship in Japan: https://nyti.ms/2WcCox2
They Escaped an Infected Ship, but the Flight Home Was No Haven: https://nyti.ms/2w4EJzh
Hundreds Confined to Tenerife Hotel for 14 Days Over Coronavirus Fears: https://nyti.ms/2ILi9hU
Locked Down Spanish Resort: https://nyti.ms/2IKeIrF
Potential Domestic Travel Restrictions in US: http://bit.ly/3cXcenW
Coronavirus Travel Tips: To Fly Or Not To Fly? What Happens If You Cancel? https://n.pr/2IJpsqj
What you need to know about changing or canceling your travel plans: http://bit.ly/2IMcMiw

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Note: This video was filmed on March 12, 2020 around 1pm in Washington State. For updated stats and information, please refer to the World Health Organization and latest news.


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