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Colorado Springs, CO Snowy Travel Chaos – 10/28/2019 |

Colorado Springs, CO Snowy Travel Chaos – 10/28/2019

Numerous drivers become stranded attempting to drive their cars up icy hills as a late-October winter storm coats the region in a blanket of snow and ice on Oct. 28, 2019 in Colorado Springs Colorado.
Shot Description

0:00 – Wide and close shot of N Union Blvd of stranded cars attempting an uphill drive.

0:29 – A car and a minivan attempt to make it up the hill spinning tires and sliding backwards.

1:09 – A trio of vehicles spinning their tires and sliding going uphill.

1:29 – Wide shot of N Union Blvd looking downhill with vehicles stuck.

1:42 – A motorist tries to clear tires and windshield of snow before attempting to drive again.

1:53 – An SUV spins tires and slides while driving uphill.

2:08 – Good Samaritans push a vehicle uphill.

2:25 – Closeup of tires spinning, woman in car is motivated to get up hill.

2:41 – Shorts of pickup truck pulling a car uphill via tow strap. (E. Woodman Rd)

3:12 – Frustrated woman yells and swears as she struggles uphill.

3:34 – Semi struggles up hill and spins tires. (mid and close)

3:45 – Wide of E. Woodman Road with stuck traffic.

3:52 – Man clearing sidewalk with shovel.

4:01 – Man clearing sidewalk while cars stuck on road behind him.

4:11 – Truck clears snow from parking lot.

4:24 – Cars struggle on hill, with stop sign in foreground.

4:33 – Car drives backwards UPHILL on opposite side of road.

4:48 – Man walks dog in snowy park.

4:56 – Snow Scenic Shots

SID: Trevor Cokley


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