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CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 2019 || Guide to Help You Prepare (10 things NOT to do + MORE) |

CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 2019 || Guide to Help You Prepare (10 things NOT to do + MORE)

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Hi guys, after my first #ChinaTravelGuide video, I realized there’s always more questions to be answered.

Traveling to China can feel intimidating or overwhelming, but don’t worry! Let me help you prepare and ease your mind with my tips and guides.

Here’s some new updates I’ve learned since my first video and plus some Chinese phrases + What NOT to do in China tips.

Contents of this video are split up in two sections:
1. 10 Things NOT to do when traveling in China
2. Q&A | Your questions answered.

-VPN: https://herewithdia.com/how-to-use-vpn-in-china/
-How to use WeChat Pay
-Is China safe?
-Chinese language phrases
-Chinese New Year travel impact
-Hotels & Accommodation
-How to bargain

———————-Useful Resources———————-

◇ The VPN service I always use in China and trusts:
➙ https://www.expressvpn.com/diajin

◇ I recommend iVisa for any help with your Chinese visa:
➙ https://www.ivisa.com/china-visa?utm_source=herewithdia

◇ Get my FREE China Travel Checklist:
➙ https://bit.ly/2yEv7Jw

◇ Complete guide on why you need VPN & How to use it
➙ https://herewithdia.com/how-to-use-vpn-in-china/

➟ Ultimate China Travel Guide: https://youtu.be/mRs9Zm4ubps
➟ Common Scams to Avoid in China: https://youtu.be/vAWI1tVbfH0
➟ Learn Simple Chinese for Travel: https://youtu.be/T_nrVbdb9Eg
➟ Social and Cultural Etiquette in China: https://youtu.be/PUomABRtMko


My Packing Essentials: https://herewithdia.com/packing-essentials/
My Vlogging Essentials: https://herewithdia.com/travel-vlogging-essentials/
Best Travel Credit Cards (Blogpost): https://herewithdia.com/best-travel-rewards-credit-cards/
Best Travel Credit Cards (video): https://youtu.be/_JqS1l9Dq20


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Hi there, my name is Dia.
I left Los Angeles in late 2017 and have been traveling ever since. I began making videos to keep myself grounded, and since then it has turned into my dream career! Taking the leap to chase my dream was scary at first, but sharing my stories and adventures with you guys have been an amazing part of it.

I hope to continue making travel vlogs and valuable guides to help and inspire others. Would love to get to know ya! Drop a comment and say hi 🙂


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