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Charli D'Amelio FINALLY APOLOGIZES For Traveling to the Bahamas?! | Hollywire |

Charli D'Amelio FINALLY APOLOGIZES For Traveling to the Bahamas?! | Hollywire

EXCLUSIVE: Charli D’Amelio has FINALLY given us some info about her infamous trip to the Bahamas. The TikToker opened up about the massive amount of hate she has been getting from fans and said she “has to live for herself”. When asked if she thinks that people are just jealous of her she said, “no response.” The influencer left a lot up for speculation and once again ignored the elephant in the room. What do you guys think of this?!

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Timeline for the stream!
Intro 00:00
The scoop 1:29
Question Time! 10:10
Comments! 15:29
Outro 16:01

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