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Book of Travels – "The Elden Road" OST | Soundtrack from the upcoming Online RPG |

Book of Travels – ”The Elden Road” OST | Soundtrack from the upcoming Online RPG

Listen to the music of The Elden Road and get a taste of what it is to travel the well-worn paths of Braided Shore… We hope you like it! Drop your thoughts below and we’ll get back to you!

Read more about the soundtrack and music production on our game development blog on #Steam: http://www.TMORPG.com/soundtrack, and please give us a push and wishlist our upcoming games while you there. It will help us build the momentum we need for the epic year ahead!

Book of Travels is an RPG with a difference, we’re calling it a TMORPG – a Tiny Multiplayer Role Playing Game. As opposed to an MMO, this means there are a limited amount of players on each server and you’ll only meet a few to travel with. Find out more at https://www.TMORPG.com/what-is.

Join us and become a Traveller at http://www.TMORPG.com. Travellers get occasional newsletters and a special in-game gift when Book of Travels is released later in 2021.

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