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BALI TRAVEL UPDATE: When is Bali Reopening for Tourism? |

BALI TRAVEL UPDATE: When is Bali Reopening for Tourism?

Bali Indonesia Travel Update: Bali has delayed reopening for travel and tourism. This video explains why Bali isn’t reopening yet to international tourists (despite planning to reopen in September), when it might reopen, – plus – who is allowed to travel there now and what you need to get in. ⬇️ LINKS TO REQUIRED TRAVEL DOCUMENTS BELOW: ⬇️

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Resources and news for travel to Bali:
* Download the required travel and entry documents at: https://cekdiri.baliprov.go.id
* Bali Sun: Bali Closed for Travel until 2021: https://thebalisun.com/governor-bali-will-be-closed-to-foreign-tourists-until-end-of-2020/
* Bali News: Bali Postpones Tourism Reopening: https://en.antaranews.com/news/155122/bali-authorities-postpone-plan-to-allow-back-foreign-tourists
* Bali Spike in COVID-19 Cases: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/bali-records-highest-single-day-spikes-of-covid-19-cases-3-days-in-a-row/

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