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Backpacking in Belize: A Brazilian quit Law School and now Travels the World |

Backpacking in Belize: A Brazilian quit Law School and now Travels the World

Find out more at https://belizing.com/Belize-Travelcast-Episode-5/

In this episode we welcome Mayke Moraes as he travels through San Ignacio Belize. Mayke is a backpacker and leads what he calls a detached and minimalist lifestyle. With his backpack on his back, he visits places and revisits dreams that were born when he decided to leave his comfort zone in Brazil to build memories instead of material riches. Mayke is an accomplished author and social media influencer. Belize is the 70th country he has visited toward his goal of 100 countries. Listen to his story and hear why he plans to come back to Belize again.

The #Belize Travelcast is the official podcast of Belize, a new audio and video podcast series created by Let’s Go Belizing Ltd. (Belizing.com), a brand that is passionate about telling authentic stories, promoting sustainable tourism, and traveling in Belize. Each episode is an engaging conversation that delivers useful and authentic travel tips and experience as well as relevant updates on the Belize tourism industry and important issues affecting the environment, culture, and economy of Belize.

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