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'Australia's tough travel bans' are 'pretty wise and well-executed' |

‘Australia’s tough travel bans’ are ‘pretty wise and well-executed’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Cai Liping, the head nurse at the Wuhan Hospital in the epicentre of the epidemic is “distraught as a van leaves with the body of her husband”.

Mr Kenny said Liping’s husband Liu Zhiming was “the hospital director” and was “killed” by the coronavirus.

“How harrowing is all this for health professionals exposing themselves to grave risks as they care for others,” he said.

“The death toll has reached well over 2000 now – from more than 75,000 infections – the overwhelming majority of them in China.

“All this makes Australia’s tough travel bans and quarantine provisions look pretty wise and well-executed so far.”

Image: AP


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