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As COVID-19 pandemic wanes, Taiwan's domestic travel industry sees big pick up |

As COVID-19 pandemic wanes, Taiwan’s domestic travel industry sees big pick up

As the COVID-19 pandemic gradually subsides, domestic travel has seen a big pick up. Many hotels this weekend saw a surge in their occupancy rates. Many have also reached 70% from advance bookings for the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend which starts on Thursday, June 25. Many people who have been feeling cooped up are looking forward to getting out and going places, and that has greatly raised the morale of travel industry executives.

Bombarded by non-stop phone calls, this receptionist has her hands full as she also handles queries from hotel guests. With the coming Dragon Boat Festival long weekend at the end of June, another wave of bookings is expected.

Huang Hsin-i
Hotel Spokesperson
The weekend room booking rate in May has increased by more than 20% to 30%. We are also very optimistic about the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival break, which will see the occupancy rate go up by 80% or 90%.

Hotel executives, who had been feeling dejected for a long time, are finally breathing a sigh of relief. Following on from a handful of days of zero COVID-19 cases, hotel reservation rates are clearly showing signs of a rebound. The Leefoo Resort Guanshi in Hsinchu says its conservative estimates are putting its reservation rates of 90% or above over the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend. Taitung’s Luminous Hot Spring Resort and Spa currently has 70% of its rooms booked up and thinks it will easily reach a rate of 90% over the upcoming long weekend, while Taichung’ Windsor Hotel expects to be booked up.

Member of the Public
Recently, there have been zero confirmed COVID-19 cases, and little kids get cabin fever at home. You want to take them outdoors.

With the rebound in domestic travel, hotels have been seeing group tours since May. Holiday makers are not just families. Group trips of company employees and groups of students celebrating graduation that initially had been put on hold during the outbreak of the epidemic are also gradually increasing. Hotel industry executives also stress that hotels will continue to take guests’ temperatures and provide hand sanitizers. The travel industry is excited that they may regain the prosperity that eluded them this year, and hoteliers are gleefully rubbing their hands together at the thought of prospective business opportunities in store.


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