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Aragorn's Travels After The Lord of the Rings | Tolkien Explained | booking masr

Aragorn's Travels After The Lord of the Rings | Tolkien Explained

After the fall of Sauron, Aragorn sets to work as King of the Reunited Kingdom. Gifting realms like the Shire and Isengard to their rightful citizens, appointing counselors and advisors, and with King Éomer of Rohan, fighting the Easterlings that threaten Gondor. In this video, we will cover all of King Elessar’s travels and deeds from the destruction of the One Ring to his death in 120 of the Fourth Age.

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Aragorn – Adam Middleton
Aragorn and Arwen’s Wedding – The Brothers Hildebrandt
The Crowning of Aragorn – Inger Edelfeldt
Aragorn and Éomer – Denis Gordeev
Éomer and the Rohan banner – Sara Wolf
A Happy Yuletide – Akita Sensei
And They Clasped Hand in Hand – Peet
Isildur’s Last Counsellor – Anke Eißmann
The Steward and the King – Anke Eißmann
Aragorn in battle – David Nash
Aragorn and Arwen – Nirthiene
Athelas – Anke Eißmann
Eldarion – Sara M Morello
Easterling Skirmisher – Martin de Diego
Elanor – Liliane
Éomer and Aragorn – Abe Papakhian
Éomer and Aragorn – Kip Rasmussen
Aragorn and Arwen – SaMo-art
Ghân-buri-Ghân – Ted Nasmith
The Houses of Healing – Anke Eißmann
Aragorn – Ian Fee
Isengard – Only Chasing Safety
Arrival at Isengard – Ivan Cavini
King Elessar – Lee W Lundin
Crowing the King – Anke Eißmann
Minas Tirith – Ludovic Bourgeois
Arwen – M Thompson
Nimloth of Numenor – Ted Nasmith
Orthanc in the Second Age – Ted Nasmith
The White Sapling – Darrel K Sweet
The Shire; A View of Hobbiton From The Hill – Ted Nasmith

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