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All new Volvo B11R 'SANAM' of National Travels in Mumbai. |

All new Volvo B11R 'SANAM' of National Travels in Mumbai.

National Travels Volvo B11R ‘SANAM’ enters Mumbai for the first time (02/09/17). It was terribly late because of it’s Speed lock & had to return to Bangalore from Sion itself.

It went 3 times on that circle just of traffic in front of office & petrol pump. Passengers inside were tensed to see the bus roaming around the same circle for 3 times.

But it was really fascinating to see the long bus make turns with Tag Axle in action….

Crew weren’t in a mood to talk & busy because of bus been late.

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In Action: KA 01 AH 2346.
Date: 02/09/17.


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