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33 Little-Known Airport Facts to Travel Easier |

33 Little-Known Airport Facts to Travel Easier

If you travel by plane quite a lot, dozens of questions can be accumulated in your brain. For example, what are the best shoes to wear at the airport security screening to not be asked to take them off? Or are those scanners you have to go through harmful to your health? Or how long the things seized during the pre-flight inspection can be stored at the airport for?

You’d definitely like to know how to cancel non-refundable tickets and get your money back or how to significantly reduce the costs for transfers, hotels, and food even if it’s your first trip and you don’t have any discount cards. So here’s the list of advice you should heed before your next trip.

Seized things 0:33
The radiation you get during the flight 1:17
How not to spill your coffee 1:55
What if they don’t feed you 2:32
Buying liquids in Duty-Free 3:12
Pay in dollars or euros 3:35
Avoid carrying spray deodorants 4:01
Have a pair of extra underwear in your carry-on 4:40
What you can do if you need coins 5:13
Innocent things that may be prohibited 5:52
Where you can find unoccupied toilets 6:23
Put a couple of tennis balls in your carry-on 7:08
What if the airline’s site just doesn’t work 7:43
How to entertain yourself at the airport 8:16
Make sure your socks don’t have holes in them 8:55
What if your first flight gets delayed 9:32
How to save some money 9:57

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– You shouldn’t be wary of airport scanners – they don’t harm your health.
– If you have some powder in your baggage, be it some baby formula, flour, or instant drinks, keep it in its original packaging.
– At some airports, you can buy drinking water right after you pass the security check.
– Check if the airport or airline sells 24-hour access to a VIP lounge zone. In most cases, you can have free snacks and drinks there.
– While in the baggage claim area, you might have to pay for Wi-Fi; but in the arrival zone, it’s almost always free.
– If you’re in the middle of a bad cold, but you absolutely have to fly, take a painkiller before the plane takes off and lands.
– You can’t keep power banks in your checked baggage.
– When going on a trip, instead of taking the whole perfume bottle, take a tester.
– If you have a brand-new unopened bottle of nail polish in your carry-on, it’s ok. But if you’ve already used it, put it in your checked luggage.
– . Seemingly innocent things like plants, seeds, and some types of food may be prohibited if you’re flying to Australia, or other particular islands.
– You’re more likely to find unoccupied toilets in the baggage claim area, near customs, next to big cafes, and in waiting lounges.
– While packing for a long flight, remember to put a couple of tennis balls in your carry-on. If you roll your feet on them during the flight, your legs and feet won’t swell up.
– Statistically, the safest seats are in the tail of the aircraft.
– If you’re traveling through several time zones, try to do more physical activity the day before.
– If there are lots of empty seats on a plane, and you have the airline’s bonus card, you can ask the flight attendants to move you to business class.
– You can still pay for your onboard purchases with your bank card, even if there’s no Internet on the plane. In this case, the money will be withdrawn as soon as you land.

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