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20 Little-Known Tips to Travel By Plane Easier |

20 Little-Known Tips to Travel By Plane Easier

The airport is one of those special places that can be a mix of pure excitement, childlike wonder, and unbearable stress! Traveling can be fun and all, but most people wanna get through the airport part of it as quickly as possible.

The 3-1-1 rule (3 oz per container inside a transparent plastic bag) tells you how to pack liquids to get through the security checks at the airport. But there are many other ways of making sure that your airport experience is smooth, and one of them is to be ready for any situation. Here are 14 tips that will help you become an expert.

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Check your flight status 0:24
Check the parking situation 0:52
Check-in online 1:18
Arrive early 1:40
Don’t overpack 2:01
Use a 4-wheeled bag 2:26
Learn the airport layout 2:53
Dress for the occasion 3:20
Have your papers ready 3:55
Remember the 3-1-1 Rule 4:23
Get ready for the screening 4:58
Join TSA PreCheck or a similar security service 5:30
Don’t argue with the security officers 5:58
Don’t joke with the security agents 6:32
Pick your flight wisely 6:50
Wrap gifts only at your destination 7:16
Don’t slack on transfers 7:32
Become a member of a Frequent Flyer Program 8:05
Use special apps on your phone 8:24
Stay calm and focused 8:47

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– Avoid the crowds and wasted time by checking the flight status online early and often.
– Knowing ahead of time where to park and how far the open spots are from the terminal can save you a lot of anxiety on your drive in.
– Most airlines now have online, mobile, or booth check-ins.
– A handy trick is to pack what you think you need and then cut that all-in half. Cut it in half again if you can!
– It’s always better to have a couple extra hours of hanging around in the airport than being in such a hurry that you barely make your flight!
– If you really must take a checked bag and a carry on, then get the kind that rolls on 4 wheels.
– Knowing ahead of time where each part of the airport is located – be it terminals, trains, security, or even just the bathroom in case of an emergency – is an underappreciated travel tip.
– If you’re flying in the cooler months, a jacket with big pockets is key. After passing through security, you can quickly throw your phone, wallet, and passport in a pocket before grabbing the rest of your belongings.
– Don’t get up to the check-in desk, security officer, or boarding gate agent and THEN start digging for your papers. Have all your documents in hand before it’s your turn in line.
– If you’re traveling in or out of the US, see if you can apply for TSA PreCheck. Members of this program can get through security and passport control a lot faster than other travelers.
– Each TSA officer has the right to demand that you give up whatever they deem a suspicious item.
– Technically, cracking jokes about having explosives or chemicals in your bag isn’t illegal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in trouble for it.
– If you travel during the holidays and have gifts you want to take on the plane, make sure you bring them unwrapped.
– There are loads of benefits when it comes to joining a frequent flyer program, like a separate line at check-in.
– There are plenty of useful apps nowadays, be it a specific airport, airline, or a general travel app.
– Finally, don’t forget how much your nerves can impact your experience at the airport.

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