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20+ Curious Facts About the Royal Family Travels |

20+ Curious Facts About the Royal Family Travels

How does the British royal family travel? Do they fly commercial? It turns out that Members of the Royal British Family annually make many trips around the world. Sounds cool, but in fact, it’s rather complicated. Royal family tours require very detailed planning and adherence to special rules. And some of them seem to be, just weird.

For example, in all countries, an individual menu is prepared in advance for each member of the royal family. By the way, they are entitled to fly in private jets only for special state travel. And sometimes, royals even buy economy class tickets. Ordinary passengers saw Prince William with his wife Kate Middleton or Prince Harry with Meghan Markle on board the aircraft.


Studying the local way of life 0:22

No garlic dishes 0:49

A senior clothing assistant travels in advance 1:22

… as well as a special doctor 1:53

Family trips are prohibited 2:20

They can’t spend a lot of money 3:10

Special royal train 4:06

Passport control 5:57

They must have black clothes 6:37

Why do they travel so often? 7:31


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