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19 Travel Essentials | Packing List For Vacation |

19 Travel Essentials | Packing List For Vacation

Welcome to our Ultimate Vacation Packing List. We’ll be covering 19 of Lauren’s favorite items that have the potential to amp up your trip. Check out the full 85-item list on our website 👉 https://packhacker.com/packing-list/vacation-packing-list/

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Bags & Organizers
3:02 – Productivity & Tech
4:40 – Miscellaneous
6:26 – Clothing & Accessories
8:14 – Toiletries & Personal Care

Vacation isn’t over yet! In this video, we’ll be coving more favorites from our Vacation Packing List. It has the travel essentials you need to relax, refresh, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you while you decompress. We’ve researched and tested all of the gear, so all you need to worry about is where you’re headed next. We hope this packing list for vacation prepares you for your upcoming adventure or inspires you to book your dream trip in the near future. Whether you’re perfecting your packing list or starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Packing List Tool makes it easy to curate your own list on our website. Sign up for free 👉 https://packha.kr/e3wy

Or, sign up for Pack Hacker Pro for additional features & deals 👉 http://packhacker.com/pro

Some Pros have already created their lists, and we even created our Digital Nomad Packing List so you can see the tool in action. Check it out:

Tom’s Digital Nomad Packing List V2 (men’s): https://app.packhacker.com/u/twahlin
Lauren’s Digital Nomad Packing List V2 (women’s): https://app.packhacker.com/u/lauren-maternowski
Andre’s Beach & Photos Packing Lis: https://app.packhacker.com/u/andre-calil
Gord’s Sub 7kg Packing List: https://app.packhacker.com/u/gordon-aker
Keri’s Packing List: https://app.packhacker.com/u/keri-mau
James’ Photo-focused Packing List: https://app.packhacker.com/u/james-glennie
Rachel’s Packing List: https://app.packhacker.com/u/rachel-somers
Austin’s Utah Packing List: https://app.packhacker.com/u/austin-tucker

The Ultimate Vacation Packing List | 72 Essentials For Minimalist Carry On Travel:

The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List V2: https://youtu.be/jcv5uUOTyog
The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List V2 | Women’s Version: https://youtu.be/X_EEfLuK-EQ
Topo Designs Travel Bag Review: https://youtu.be/k9z_swDTiqs
How to Pack Light & Save Space for One Bag Travel: https://youtu.be/93vazOxmw98
View more travel gear reviews on our website: https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/
View more travel gear reviews on our website: https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/

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