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12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience |

12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience

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We’ve been following Nora from The Professional Hobo for years now and she was a huge inspiration for us when we first got started travelling full-time and trying to sustain our travels by working online.

We recently (and finally!) had the chance to meet her in person when we were both in Toronto at the same time, so we sat down and asked her all about her digital nomad lifestyle.

In this interview, she talks about 2 of the key things that make financially sustainable travel possible: reducing your expenses, and finding a way to earn money as you go.

She also talks about the challenges and rewards of the lifestyle, including surviving 3 natural disasters, 3 tropical diseases, the theft of her passport, and much more.

Some of the resources she mentioned in the video are super helpful and we’ve included links below so you can check them out:

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World eBook:

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

Financial Case Studies from Long-Term Travellers:

Nora’s Annual Expense & Income Reviews:

Follow Nora on Social Media:

Thanks for watching!

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Nora Dunn


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